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BioNeat’s products are safer alternatives to many leading chemical cleaners and are chemical alternatives for the industry leaders focused on not only being environmentally responsible, but environmentally accountable for their products they use daily.

The average American uses about 40 pounds of household cleaning products each year in an effort to be safe from germs, bacteria and the like. Restaurants and hospitals do so on an even greater scale. Traditional cleaning products may contain hazardous ingredients.

BioNeat believes their products are safer for human health and the environment.

Bioneat Products 

Bioneat NTS

 Bioneat NTS

  • BioNeat NTS-1™ is used as a standard surfactant for stimulation and completion projects.

  • The formula's non-corrosive properties along with the bacterial remediation properties makes BioNeat NTS-1™ a truly green and environmentally responsible choice for the oil industry.

  • BioNeat NTS-1™ has been successfully used in multiple hydraulic fracturing jobs, stripper wells and acid matrix jobs. Allowing the oil and gas industry to use a chemical replacement that is perfectly suitable for all down hole activities.

  • BioNeat NTS-1™ is being tested now by one of the largest crude storage companies in the USA as a safer alternative for cleaning and maintaining the tanks.

  • BioNeat NTS-1™ was successful in cleaning a BioFuels facility replacing the standard cleaning practice of scraping off the calcified spillage , which damages the piping, paint and structural integrity of pressurized vessels.

Bioneat AG

Bioneat AG APC


  • BioNeat-AG™is a natural non-ionic adjuvant is designed to improve the performance of fertilizers, by increasing their ability to be carried into plant tissue effectively. 

  • BioNeat-AG™ BioBased Adjuvant has shown to increase crop yields per acre, expedite bloom and grow times all while protecting soil nutrient density.


  • BioNeat™-AG™ BioBased Adjuvant reacts with insects' exoskeletons, killing them in a non-toxic way (most predatory insects stay away from BioNeat treated plants) while protecting the plant. In terms of future mitigation; larvae that may exist in a plant at the time of treatment will also be eliminated

  • For growth and crop health; it increases the root and plant biomass, decreases water use and the need for harmful pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.

Bioneat Marine

Bioneat Marine

  • BioNeat™ is a certified member of the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) BioPreferred® program

  • Approved for USDA Certified Biobased Product Label for Bioneat Marine. USDA test result for Bioneat Marine indicated that its biobased content is 41%. According to your application, the below products uphold the integrity and efficacy under the BIOPREFERRED® PROGRAM:

    • Deck Wash

    • Vinyl Cleaner

    • Engine Degreaser

    • Bilge Wash

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Asphalt Cleaning 

Bioneat Asphalt

Biofuel Cleaning

Biofuel Cleaning 

Mildew Cleaning

Mildew Cleaning

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